Presidio Steel Doors & Windows Is An Authorized Retailer & Installer for TruStile Doors

Making spaces more distinctive, authentic and special.

At Presidio Steel Doors & Windows, we bring the unparalleled craftsmanship of custom steel doors and windows to your doorstep. Our partnership with TruStile allows us to further enhance our offerings, giving you an unmatched selection of interior design possibilities.

Transformative Design: TruStile is revolutionizing interior design with meticulously crafted, made-to-order doors that accentuate your space’s unique style.

Unparalleled Selection: Choose from the widest range of interior panel doors, available in paint-grade MDF or stain-grade wood, tailored to align with any architectural design.

A Statement in Every Opening: With TruStile, every door is a design statement waiting to be made. Dive into our vast collection of custom glass doors—from mirrored to opaque panels, and from simple designs to arched elegance—the possibilities are limitless.

Modern Mastery: Crafting a modern aesthetic requires precision. Their Tru&Modern Collection is designed with this philosophy, presenting a diverse line of handcrafted, modern doors, allowing your vision to come to life with absolute clarity.

With Presidio and TruStile by your side, welcome home to a world of custom brilliance.

Panel Doors


The TruStile (TS) series doors boast authentic architectural panel designs, ranging from 1 to 9 panels. Every door is constructed using genuine stile and rail techniques, ensuring they’re neither routed nor stamped. Their adaptable manufacturing approach lets you tailor any TS series door by swapping panels with glass, resin, leather, or metal for a unique touch.


The V-Groove (VG) Door Collection showcases the distinct appearance of tongue-and-groove, reminiscent of plank doors. Every door is crafted using authentic stile and rail construction, promising superior performance compared to traditional plank doors.


The Tambour (TMB) Door Collection blends stile and rail craftsmanship with cutting-edge CNC routing technology, delivering a distinctly modern aesthetic. Pairing these doors with other styles introduces design intrigue and visual diversity.


The Creative Design (CD) Collection showcases a diverse array of custom styles crafted by their design team. These distinct TruStile designs cater to a spectrum of architectural tastes and are ideal for crafting a striking visual presence. The Creative Design Collection by TruStile demonstrates that doors can rival other home design elements in excitement and allure.

Glass Doors


The French Lite Collection presents 100 timeless French door designs, ranging from one to 18-lite configurations. FL series French doors are constructed with true divided lites, where each piece of glass is meticulously hand-inserted to ensure the utmost architectural precision.


The Panel Lite (PL) Door Collection merges raised panels with glass lites, offering a harmonious blend of both designs. Commonly chosen for pantries, bathrooms, and entryways, panel lite doors are suitable for both interior and exterior uses.


The TruStile (TS) series doors from their collection boast authentic architectural panel designs, ranging from 1 to 9 panels. Every door is constructed using genuine stile and rail techniques, ensuring they’re neither routed nor stamped. Their adaptable manufacturing approach allows for the customization of any TS series door by replacing panels with materials like glass, resin, leather, or metal.

Modern Doors


The Tru&Modern (TM) Door Collection comprises over 100 contemporary door designs. It features clean, pronounced lines, customizable design choices, and bold accents. This collection reshapes the notion of the potential impact a door can have on modern and contemporary interiors.


All other flush doors fail to meet the sophistication needed for contemporary interiors. TruStile flush wood doors are crafted specifically for the bespoke residential market.


Contemporary architecture calls for precise specifications. The Tru&Modern Infinite Rail doors introduce a luxurious layer of refinement with kerf cuts or metal inlays that span the entire width of the door.


One can craft a modern rendition of this timeless design. Vertical planks featuring their ¼″ kerf cut introduce rich detail to contemporary aesthetics.


They have broadened their esteemed Tru&Modern series to encompass ultra-narrow door styles, catering to the demands of contemporary sleek interiors.