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Beautifully Bold & Modern.Crafted like no other windows in the world.

The things that set our windows and doors apart have big implications for longevity and performance. For starters, the exteriors of our clad wood windows and patio doors are fully encased in heavy-duty, extruded aluminum that’s twice as thick as roll-form cladding. It only takes one hailstorm to demonstrate the benefit of this. Although more expensive to manufacture, all but our anodized collection is AAMA 2604 or AAMA 2605 powder coated for greater surface hardness, scratch resistance and color retention, than ordinary liquid paint.

Underneath this cladding is the thermal superiority of select woods. Our wood is treated and protected against insects and moisture with our patented, naturally organic CoreGuard Plus™ preservative.

Inside our world-class frames is high-performance glazing with customized options for your exact weather and environmental conditions. As a finishing touch, our insulated glass uses No-Metal TrueWarm® Edge polymer structural foam spacers. This dramatically improves energy efficiency and reduces seal failures often caused by the more common metal spacers.

Sometimes, Things Just Come Together Perfectly.

Fate, destiny, visionary planning? Whatever the reason, Sierra Pacific windows and doors are singularly well suited to the integrations of space, surroundings and comfort in contemporary design. From our architectural wall systems to our specialty windows and doors, there is a focus on more light, less window and a clean, squared line.

Taking Glass To New Heights, And Lengths, And Widths

Over 125 years of window experience teaches you something about making glass expansive. It requires smart structural options, diminutive mulling and high-performance glazing, all tested for uncompromising structural integrity. At Sierra Pacific, floor-to-ceiling glass isn’t an ideal, it’s a starting point.

There Is Only One View: Unobstructed.

Straight lines, narrow stiles and rails and corner beads are hallmarks of many of our specialty windows and doors, made possible by superior glass and structural reinforcements that you’ll never see. When your goal is to let the outdoors in, to let those inside feel just as much a part of the outside, you want windows that disappear with the grace of the morning mist as it burns away to day.

More Than A Window, A Structural Building Material.

To an already impressive collection of contemporary window and door options, we proudly add our Architectural Wall Systems. By using structural, laminated wood beams, these engineered wall systems don’t just look beautiful, they become load-bearing, which means the vistas you can create become truly remarkable, blurring the line further between the interior and its surrounding environment.

Anything A Wall Can Do, We Can Do Better.

Our specialty doors and windows are designed to take contemporary design to any level it wants, turning walls into moving masterpieces. Bi-fold designs fold effortlessly to stack against either side of their expansive openings with an access panel to allow passage without moving the entire system. Multi-slide windows and doors can be designed just as wide, with panels that glide completely into the wall. And for truly maximized space, our lift & slide door systems feature state-of-the-art rollers with hardware that lifts the panels for easy gliding, then lowers them to lock in place for extraordinary weather resistance.

Why Cut Corners When You Can Embrace Them?

Improvements in glass performance and structural innovations have completely changed the way we approach 90º corners. Here our multi-slide and bi-fold specialty doors and windows shine by widening the limits of what’s possible, and letting in more light, more city skylines, more forested hills, shorelines and mountains. In fact, corner window configurations are such an important part of contemporary sensibilities, we’ve spent considerable time and resources designing ours to reduce mass and double the view.

Straight, Elegant Lines Extend To A Handle.

From our Dallas Series contemporary handle set to the flush handles of our multi-slide doors and windows, we’ve created hidden hardware and locking mechanisms that allow clean, minimal lines to be the only visible feature of our doors and windows. Many hardware offerings are forged in solid bronze or brass with your choice of beautiful finishes.

“Rustic Contemporary,”
“Mountain Modern,”
Phenomenal Design Goes By
Many Names.

One of the hottest architectural trends is a marriage of rugged charm with the wide-open elegance of contemporary design. Here we see simple colors and materials, some reclaimed, with natural architectural elements freely exposed. It’s a perfect environment for our large windows and doors designed to disappear from sight, all while enhancing some exquisite views.

An Architectural Approach That Turns Outside In.

Among other things, Rustic Contemporary design involves finding new ways to invite the free-flowing beauty of the outside environment inside. This aesthetic fits extraordinarily well with the attributes of Sierra Pacific windows and doors. Whether you need the larger glass area of our lift and slide system, or a fresh look at the outdoors with one of our pocketing multi-slide windows, get ready to have your insides stirred.