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Contemporary Steel Doors and Windows from Presidio Doors Facilitate Collaborative Environment at Amini & Conant

(AUSTIN, TX – September 14, 2015) When a burgeoning law firm came to Presidio Doors seeking the modern appeal that iron brings to interior work spaces, the attorneys had two objectives. They wanted to create an environment that inspires collaboration among employees, while promoting the unique aesthetics of the site, including preserving their sweeping view of the Travis County Courthouse.

“Attorneys at our firm need privacy, but they also need to collaborate with one another,” said Neema Amini, Partner at Amini & Conant, a law firm that specializes in business and criminal litigation. “I didn’t want walls that would close up and separate the offices, and block our scenic views of downtown Austin.”

Mr. Amini decided to install glass doors and walls in steel frames for each individual office, as well as the conference room. Steel doors and windows provide narrow site lines and the clean contemporary appearance that Mr. Amini desired for his office.

“We took bids from quite a few steel workers around town and they were prohibitively expensive,” Mr. Amini explained. “Also the estimated completion times were too extensive. To reduce costs it was suggested that we install store front aluminum with glass. I wasn’t excited by that option. Store front aluminum is too thick and not as elegant as steel.”

The law firm then contacted Presidio Doors, an Austin, TX-based steel door and window manufacturer that offers one month turnaround times from the time the order is placed until the installation is complete. The customized project – including the manufacturing of materials and on site installation – was completed in less than five weeks, and at a third of the cost of other estimates.

“The greatest advantages of the project are the business benefits we achieved: aesthetics and functional collaboration,” Mr. Amini said. “It just wouldn’t be the same if we had put up walls or installed store front aluminum. Nothing compares to the style of steel and glass. We wouldn’t have our great downtown views.”

“And functionality wise, we now interact with one another more. High collaboration is very important at this firm. One of the advantages of having glass walls and glass doors is that we’re visible to one another. It’s enough of a barrier where attorneys have their privacy, but not to the point where they go into their walled off offices, shut the door and disappear into their own worlds.”

“And I can’t say enough about the experience of working with Presidio Doors. The price was right, the work was great and the personalized service was impressive. From start to finish, they seemed like they really cared about our business.”

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